Recently, I did a (free!) online Bible study at Hundreds of women participated in this ten-week study about generous women in the Bible. What are the blessings of sharing yourself, of sharing your stuff, and sharing your love with the world? Find the answers in God’s Word at blessed-blessing!
How do you make God’s Word relevant to today’s teenagers? Through W5s! Every week (September through May) I write a short devotional designed to get kids talking about the week’s headlines, the Bible, and how both apply to them. The devotions follow the liturgical calendar and are an excellent resource for anyone and especially for teenagers.
As a frequent contributor to Teacher Interaction Magazine, I’ve written about everything from why Sunday School classes should use iPads to the reasons we think we need a camel at our church’s Live Nativity scene. After years of teaching Sunday School (sometimes in an un-air-conditioned hallway with kids ranging from 5 to 10 years old) I’ve found that no one is really a Sunday School expert, but we all can use any help we can get!
“Coming in 2017…. My new fiction book, 99 Reasons to Save Eden, will be out in early 2017! Also out soon…. Family Trees and Olive Branches, a study about the grace that families learn to show each other.”