Is writing fun? Do you enjoy it?
I enjoy writing—well, sometimes I do. I agree with Michael Kanin, who said, “I don’t like to write, but I like having written.” For me there is so much excitement in helping others apply God’s Word to their lives. But the process? Ugh. The pain of actually sitting down and writing something meaningful can make me want to become a professional procrastinator—someone who checks her email 4,000 times a day, stalks Boden for the latest sales, and tries out different dark chocolates. Wait. I may already be a professional procrastinator.
How do you get published?
Work hard. Pray. Read a lot. Write, even when you’d rather check your email and Boden. Pay attention to which companies publish your favorite books and submit manuscripts to them. Pray for God to bless your writing with clarity and inspiration. Edit and revise…and then repeat those often. Find a critique partner who will give you honest feedback. Ignore people who tell you that you can’t be a writer. Put your writing and your career in God’s hands and realize you’re only a messenger of His grace. And then pray.
What’s it like to be a writer?
Usually it’s fun because I love what I do; I feel called to write. But writing is also hard. Like most writers I have painful stories of book signings when one person showed up, of receiving stinging rejection letters, and my constant battles with writers block. But, as the quote on my bedside table reads, “Inspiration is to work everyday.” For me, it’s a tremendous blessing to share God’s Word with the world. That calling cancels out all those days that I write utter nonsense and try to revise it to something decent.
Other advice for aspiring writers?
Relax and write. It seems like writers (myself included) easily get high-strung and off-balance. We get way too excited about conferences and workshops, which distract us from writing. We go overboard promoting our books and lose sight of our ideas for new ones. We don’t share our writing with anyone or we share it with everyone. God is mysterious and wonderful, just like the process of writing about Him is mysterious and wonderful. Trust Him and focus on the task at hand. Relax in the process of writing. Enjoy the awe of articulating His grace for the world.