Families are equal parts blood, duty, history, fights, and future. Families are beautiful, complicated, and infuriating. Siblings hold grudges for years. Parents stop speaking to their kids. People want to escape their families and fix them, celebrate them, and never speak to them again.
This study digs deep into the stories of these biblical women for a fresh look at how God reveals His grace through Christ for you. Each of these twelve sessions includes a short narrative and a look at a biblical woman’s faith story to show how she serves as an example of God’s love.
Double Shift is about real problems, real love, real fun, and our real God. The devotions at the end of every chapter will help you see God’s love shining in your own life.
Phil’s road trip with his step-brother, Zak, leads to disaster when they end up in jail. Phil’s troubles highlight the problems that most teens face as he deals with his temptations, insecurity, and doubt—and the forgiveness of His Savior.
Lies and Deceptions is about you and God. The devotions at the end of every chapter will help you grow in your relationship with Him and challenge you to look more closely at your life to see how He is working in it every day.
The Novel Devotions series is about teens with real problems who are loved by a real God. The devotions at the end of each chapter will help you grow in your relationship with Him.
Starring Roles celebrates how God works through His Word and blesses us through our Christian girlfriends. The devotion book spotlights The Really Honest Friend, The Forever Friend, The Needy Friend, and 22 others.
What do the Ten Commandments do for you? Do they send you on a guilt trip? Are they a mirror of your frailties? Or do they hold life-changing love? The miracle of the Commandments is that even after thousands of years, they still hold everything we need to live in relationship with God.
From the moment nineteen-year-old Poppi Savot steps out of her car and into Camp Eden, she feels at home. This is her dream: a new job as Summer Director in the beautiful southern California hills. Life will be one long songfest around a campfire with s’mores and stories and kids learning about Jesus.